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Who am I? What is this site about? Why does my picture look so angry? What is that behind me?  All very good questions – questions which I shall attempt to answer here.

Hi, my name is Marcus Smith, I also call myself Audiomatron (a musical alter-ego that I came up with for myself when I began making electronic music. It has since become my online identity). I am the IT manager for a small civil engineering firm in south Mississippi. I’ve been a computer nerd since I was 10 years old, yet somehow managed to end up with a degree in art. I enjoy electronic music of the goth variety, and I used to be fairly avid about creating said music – which is ironic because I’ve been a drummer for as long as I’ve been a computer nerd. To top it all off, I’m the web master, a Sunday School teacher, choir member, and praise band drummer for my Church, Foxworth First Baptist Church, where I worship and serve the lord Jesus Christ. I suppose you could say I am, as the old Green Day song put it, a walking contradiction. Well, that pretty much answers, “who am I?”. So why whomademeanexpert.com?

People are constantly referring to me as a “computer genius” or a “computer guru” or a “computer expert”. Who made me an expert anyway? Do I really know anything at all? I mean, I went to college for art for pete’s sake! When I had the idea for this site, I seriously wondered who on earth could possibly take me seriously. I can’t even take myself seriously. Everything is a joke to me. So, rather that attempting to exude some air of supremacy about what I do, I decided to hail from the premise that I’m just an ordinary IT guy, trying to make these crazy contraptions work just like all the other IT guys. Rather than attempting to be authoritative, I will simply share what I have found works for me. I’ll blog about technology topics that matter to me, and hopefully you can get something out of it. That’s why it’s called whomademeanexpert.com

So What is this site about? Well, initially I had planned to write about all of the various things that interested me, but I decided instead that I needed a more concentrated focus. Lately, I have become quite passionate about virtualization – a technology that interests me more than anything else I’ve come across in my career. Virtualization enables me to accomplish things that I would not otherwise be able to to in my IT environment at work, and it is surrounded by a vibrant community of very passionate and talented people. My job requires me to have my hand in every aspect of IT, which doesn’t allow me to become truly proficient at any one thing. However since my company decided to virtualize our systems, our entire backbone rests on VMWare vSphere, and thus it is now both beneficial and necessary for me to gain as much knowledge as I can in the area. This blog is not necessarily meant to be a how-to sort of blog, but rather, it exists as a platform to chronicle my journey down the road to virtualization in the hopes that my experience  my help someone else along the way.

There are many blogs about virtualization. I’m quite aware of that. However, many of the people actively blogging about virtualization work for large companies in data centers with hundreds of servers. I am not one of those guys. I am a small business IT admin. Our environments are different. My focus here will be on virtualization as it relates to small and medium business. I believe that about sums up what this site is about.

Why the angry (silly) picture? Because I’m vain. I get bored and take silly pictures of myself. I try to look hard, but NEVER pull it off.

What is that in the picture behind me? Why, that is a drawing by my best friend, Kyle Goddard. He’s the best artist I know. He runs a gallery in Hattiesburg. You should check it out.  (had to do a shameless plug for my boy)

So anyways…. Nerd? Yes. Dork? Maybe. Expert?… That’s debatable.


1. Jamie Kocur - November 15, 2011

I am married to a tech guy. Although most of the terms go way over my head, I got a good chuckle out of reading this. Reminds me of my hubby.

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