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Folks Like Us August 23, 2014

Posted by audiomatron in Uncategorized.

I’m flying on a plane right now to Phoenix. Next stop is San Francisco for my 4th VMworld. As I pondered how to get the most out of my experience this year, I decided to send out a tweet asking for advice on the matter. Well, as I typed a better idea came to mind. I thought, “this is what I’ve been missing. This is what has kept me from being consistent.” Simply put, I’ve not made an honest effort to reach the right people. Most of my recent blog posts, on this blog anyway, have been somewhat self deprecating, mostly due to the fact that I don’t feel like what I’m doing is relevant. Thus, I put all this down and leave it alone. I only become a blogger again at #vmworld time. I get the feeling that no one is in the same boat as me in the whole IT world. Which is complete and utter crap, because I know at least a few people personally who are.

So I tweeted “this year at #vmworld I want to meet SMB IT homies like me. Where my Lone Ranger IT Managers with less than 100 users at!?”. And that’s what I want. I know that out of the 20,000 some odd people in attendance at VMworld that there HAS to be guys with jobs similar to mine. You know who you are. Holler at me. The internet, the virtualization community, and the world needs a place for our kind, and we can build it together…. Dang, that sounded inspirational..



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