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Living Under a Rock August 21, 2013

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I feel like I’m starting from scratch. Life happened, and had me in maintenance mode for over a year (you like that? maintenance mode? ehh, ehh, ehh….ehhhh no,). My work duties took a weird shift for a while, and I’ve had precious little time to explore virtualization as I once did. In the midst of it all I spent three months in Long Island helping a county there with our company’s electronic debris ticketing system. Even though I was tasked during that time with creating a very small view environment for our clients to use to access Filemaker, between my client support roles and everything else that has been going on, I’m only now nearing completion of that project. I fell off the face of the virtual planet. I didn’t even go to VMWorld last year. Now that I’ve decided to try to give it another go, I feel like I’ve been left behind. I even tweeted earlier that I wish there were some sessions at VMWorld this year for guys who have been living under an IT rock for the last year or so, and that’s precisely what it has felt like. It’s been more than a year of mere maintaining and sweating the small stuff. Now I’m trying to crawl back out from under that rock – and not just with this blog or my twitter account or any of the other superfluous stuff. I need to be updated like a standalone Windows XP SP1 box, and this blog is going to be my WSUS server (man, I’m on a roll with the metaphors).

The purpose of this article is twofold: First, I’d like to share my plan to get back into the swing of things. Second, I’d like to get back to the root of why I ever started this blog in the first place.


I scoured the content catalog for VMWorld for anything that would help me get back on track. I looked for sessions that featured products and technologies that I may have heard of, but haven’t had an opportunity to try yet. So far, I have signed up for 13 sessions ranging from “What’s new in vSphere” to “vSphere Replication: Technical Walk-Through with Engineering”. Additionally, I signed up for anything pertinent to my own job as a small business IT manager working in a civil engineering firm.

In order to make this new info sink in, and to share it with SMB admins who didn’t get to attend, I am planning a series of blog posts to be released each day at VMWorld. The series will be entitled, “What I Learned Today at VMWorld”. This should be interesting way to hold myself accountable, and an excellent way for me to find some focus. However, I’m not stopping there. If anyone at all is reading this (come on you two, you know who you are), I want to know what you want to see. I’m here to help. Hit me up on twitter, and I’ll do my best to try to help you out. That brings me to my next point.

Back to my Roots

As I went back and re-read the about page I wrote on this blog to make sure it was still relevant, I was reminded of why I decided to do this in the first place – to help other SMB IT guys make the most of this amazing technology (and hopefully get some help as well). We may be in small business IT, but we’re all in the same very big boat. We have the same types of goals for our environments, the same constraints, and the same desire to stay on top of the latest technologies. I’m certainly no expert. I’m a vNobody. However, I have put more into seeking knowledge on this area of IT than any other area. It fascinates me. I absolutely couldn’t do what I do at work without it, and I want other IT folks to be able to put it to the same use. The best way for us to help each other to that end is to build a community. I want to know what you want to know. I’ve never been bashful about asking for help (otherwise I wouldn’t tweet half the idiotic questions I tweet), and neither should you. So, the three of you reading (oh look I gained another reader, yay!), shoot me a mention, or email, PM – whatever!

P.S. – I am trying to not to obsess over numbers and stats this time around. I’m blogging because, although my last attempt was short lived, I enjoyed it, and I have longed to give it another shot for a while now. I don’t care if I get a ton of views on any of these posts. Seriously. But on this one, I’d like it to make it into the hands of others whom it might help. I usually promote my articles on Twitter. If you find my ideas here to be any good, hows about a RT?




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