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VMTN Subscriptions, Anyone? November 16, 2011

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I know this is sooo last week, but I must show my support…

My vSphere trial license in my lab environment is about to expire. No problem, I’ll just start over. After all, vSphere will run for 60 days un-licensed, so I can just start over. I can back up all of my VMs, reload ESXi on my hosts, re-configure vCenter, put my VMs back on, and completely re-do all of the work I already did. Not a big deal at all – reload everything, and I’m good… for 60 days! (I hope you can detect that this is dripping with sarcasm). If only VMware had a way for hobbyists and enthusiasts, as well as IT professionals to legally run VMware software in their lab environments without having to pay full price.

Microsoft has such a program – it’s called Technet. Technet is awesome. For about $250.00 a year, I get 5 copies of every single piece of software Microsoft makes to use for testing. Technet plays a crucial role in any experimentation I am able to do. So why doesn’t VMware have such a program? After all, they have almost a cult following of dedicated IT pros who are quite passionate about their products, and who would surely benefit from a program like this.

Apparently, from what I understand, VMware had a program similar to Technet at one time called VMTN subscriptions. While I was cruising the interwebs last night, I ran across this article on Duncan Epping’s Yellow-Bricks blog. A thread in the VMTN forum posted by Mike Laverick started the ball rolling, and according to the article on Yellow-Bricks, VMware is looking into reinstating the program.

This would be HUGE for the hordes of dedicated VMware fans, who, truly are the driving force behind what makes VMware so successful. We need this! Plus, for those starting out in virtualization, the benefit of being able to affordably get their hands on the product, and extensively explore everything it has to offer would be immeasurable. Not to mention, the countless blog posts (can we say free advertisement?) this would spawn since now we would have adequate time to be able really to refine our lab environments. Quite often, I try not to get too far with my lab because I know I’ll have to start over or kill it soon.

If VMware can bring back the VMTN subscription service, it will only further prove what we already know – VMware cares about and listens to its customers. I, for one, support this whole-heartedly. Who’s with me?



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